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Last updated: May 4th, 2023

White sand beaches and crystal clear water isn’t the only thing that St. John has to offer. This beautiful US Virgin Island also has some more notable attractions, like scenic waterfalls.

Want to see waterfalls in St John like the one in the picture below? Here is a guide on how to get to them and where you can see them. 


There are two places where you can see waterfalls on the island. The most common place to see them is along the Reef Bay trail, which is close to Coral Bay and within the Virgin Islands National Park.

The Reef Bay Trail is one of the best hiking trails in the national park that also takes you through plantation ruins and, best of all, some scenic waterfalls.

You can also find petroglyphs that were made by Tainos almost thousands of years ago when they first arrived in St John. Just be warned that this is not an easy hike, and it’s one of the longer ones, so you should be in decent good condition to hike it. 

reef bay trail map

You can read our full guide on the Reef Bay trail here. To start the trail, get on Centerline Road and take it all the way through the Reef Bay Valley and Genti Bay Beach.

Apart from waterfalls, there is plenty of flora unique to St John, like the famous West Indian Locust and Kapok tree. The ruins you can see include the Jossie Gut Estate and an old horse mill and factory. 

The petroglyphs are probably the second most popular reason behind waterfalls why people hike this trail. The trail eventually intersects with the Petroglyphs trail, which brings you across these ancient markings.

There is a lot to see on it, and with a length of 2.4 miles, you can make a day out of it if you stop and admire things along the way. 


The second place to see them, although a less popular area to venture into is Fish Bay. It’s only a 10-minute drive from Cruz Bay. The reason why it’s less popular is that the trail is quite difficult, and the rocks, especially along the waterfall, are quite slippery. 

Freshwater pools

Still, Fish Bay has gorgeous scenery all around. You can also find impressive life in the freshwater pools, including crabs, fish, lobsters, dragonflies, and more. It’s also possible to get to Reef Bay beach from Fish Bay by taking the road.

So you could actually go through both places, but for easier access, the Reef Bay Trail might be your best bet for seeing amazing waterfalls. 

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