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Last updated: February 2nd, 2023

The road out to Lameshur Bay and the Yawzi Point Trail is presently in terrible condition. Poor drainage and poor water management have created deep pools of water that cover the entire roadway, so be wary of taking this trail.

yawzi point trail map

The Yawzi Point Trail begins at the eastern end of the beach at Little Lameshur Bay and ends at the tip of the peninsula at Yawzi Point. This narrow headland divides Great Lameshur from Little Lameshur Bays. The 0.3-mile trail passes through thorny scrub vegetation, century plants, cacti, Maran bush, and frangipani.

Although there is no historical substantiation besides the fact that the name of the headland is reminiscent of a disease, island lore has that people infected with yaws, an infectious tropical disease causing destructive skin and bone lesions similar to leprosy, were once forced to live, and die, here.

yawzi view

Near the beginning of the trail, about halfway up the first hill, you will find the remains of two old stone buildings.

About 200 yards further down the trail, a short spur to the left (east) leads to a small cove surrounded by large rocks. A profusion of wild spider lilies abounds in and among the rocks and on the hillside.

For experienced snorkelers, this is a good place to access the excellent snorkeling around Yawzi Point and on to Little Lameshur Bay.

The Yawzi Point Trail ends at a rocky point where there are spectacular views of Great Lameshur Bay to the east and of the southern shore of St. John to the west.

yawzi point west

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