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Last updated: February 9th, 2023

Grootpan Bay, like its neighbor Kiddel Bay, is a cobble beach that offers seclusion and calm water on winter days when the ground sea makes north shore beaches uncomfortable. Beachcombers can search through bright white pieces of coral, which can be used as soap dishes and paperweights.

The salt pond behind the beach at Grootpan Bay is the largest on the island, and salt can be harvested when weather conditions are right.

Grootpan Bay
View of Grootpan Bay

How To Get To Grootpan Bay

Take route 107, south 4.2 miles from the Moravian Church in Coral Bay. Turn left onto the dirt road. Go 0.3 miles and turn right where the road forks. When the road forks again, a little past the first fork, turn right and go 0.2 miles to Grootpan Bay.

Snorkeling At Grootpan Bay

An exciting snorkel option is to snorkel from Kiddel Bay to Grootpan Bay. Starting from Kiddel Bay, snorkel around the point, proceeding west along the rocky coastline to Grootpan Bay. Bring waterproof footwear with you, and enjoy a nice walk back to Kiddel.

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