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Frank Bay
Frank Bay

While Frank Bay might not be as pristine as the other U.S Virgin Island National Park beaches in the northend, there are certain advantages. It’s the closest swimming beach to Cruz Bay, and it’s within easy walking distance from town.

It’s never crowded, so you’ll rarely find more than one or two people there. Be careful of sea urchins when entering the water and of surf and waves caused by the ground sea or when the wake of a ferry or other large vessel comes ashore. The water offers an amazing snorkeling opportunity that’s filled with marine life.

There are plenty of condos around, so it’s an easy walking option if you’re staying around this area.

How To Get To Frank Bay

Starting from the one-way street that goes past Wharfside Village in Cruz Bay, turn right at the end of the road by the Catholic Church. Go about one-quarter mile, bearing right until you get to the beach.

On the north side of the beach is the art gallery, Coconut Coast Studios, well worth a visit. On the south end, you can enjoy typical West Indian food at Patrick Moorhead’s small open-air restaurant.

If you’re staying at Gallows Point, you can use the snorkeling ramp to easily access Frank Bay. Otherwise you may need to access the area by water. All beaches in St John are open to the public, but the way to access them might be in a private area.

Coconut Coast
Coconut Coast

On the other side of the road, there is a bench, which offers the easiest and most comfortable opportunity to observe the tranquil Frank Bay salt pond. This pond was adopted by the Audubon Society and is a wonderful place to see pintail ducks, herons, and a host of other birds.

Salt Pond
Salt Pond

You can enjoy spectacular views while sitting in the shade of a palm tree. You can see the islands of Little St. James, Great St. James, St. Thomas, Steven’s Cay, Thatch Cay, Hans Lolick, Grass Cay, and Mingo Cay. Frank Bay is also an ideal place to come to watch the sunset.

Frank Bay Sunset
Frank Bay Sunset

Snorkeling At Frank Bay

The beach is fairly narrow and most of the ground is covered in stones, so ensure you have snorkeling shoes or other protection before entering.

This beach was the favorite of the famous opera singer, the late Ivan Jadan, who frequented it almost daily, playing with an octopus that lives in a hole in the reef. Apart from octopus, you can also find tropical fish, nurse sharks, barracuda, tarpoon, and eagle rays.

There are also colorful reefs and rock formations you can find on the seperate ends of the beach.

Alexandra Caribbean Reef Octopus


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