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There are lots of cool fishing opportunities on St. John and St Thomas, ranging from sport fishing for the big ones like Marlin, Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, and Tuna to inshore trolling, hand line from the rocks, and fly fishing from the shoreline or shallows.

You also have the challenging sport of landing the easily-spooked and hard-fighting bonefish. Bonefish (Albula vulpes) can weigh as much as 19 pounds and measure as high as 30 inches or more.

Bonefishermen at Leinster Bay

There are two good places that I know of for fly fishing and where bonefish in St John have been known to reside. The flats at Leinster Bay and the lagoon behind the reef at Reef Bay. If you know of more places, let us know.

Leinster Bay is easier to get to. Just drive out to Annaberg and park in the lot. To get to Little Reef Bay, you’ll need to do a little hiking.

Little Reef Bay
Flats behind the reef at Little Reef Bay

In St Thomas, while Magens Bay is a popular place to enjoy the beach, fly fishing is also quite popular. You can try your hand at catching some tarpon and jacks. The flats at Brewers Bay are another good area for bonefishing.

If you’re not up for some DIY fly fishing, deep-sea fishing is one of the more popular activities for travelers in the U.S Virgin Islands. There are several charters you can rent that might be worth considering if you’re an avid fisherman.

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