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Water Catchment Spur Trail

Caneel Bay Water Catchment
Caneel Bay Water Catchment

Starting across the road (Route 20) from the entrance to the Caneel Bay Resort, you can access the Water Catchment Spur Trail and hike back to your starting point. The entire loop involves less than one mile of hiking.

The Caneel Hill Trail is well maintained and relatively easy going, although you will be hiking uphill until you reach the trailhead for the Water Catchment Spur.

At the beginning of your walk you will pass by an old stone wall alongside the trail, which I believe marked an old cart road back in plantation days.

Follow the trail uphill until you arrive at the intersection of the Caneel Hill and Water Catchment Spur trails.Take the Water Catchment Spur Trail, which goes off to your left and downhill until you reach the Caneel Bay water catchment.From the catchment you can follow the dirt road down to the North Shore Road (Route 20) and walk back to the Caneel Bay Resort entrance.


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