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St. John Snorkels: Tektite

tektite snorkel cave
Dalti finds a cave at Tektite

Yesterday, we snorkeled at Tektite. We came by boat, but it is also possible to get there by land.

Although the coral reefs around St. John and in the Caribbean in general have suffered considerably in modern times, there’s still a lot of beauty to be enjoyed and the Tektite snorkel is a case in point.

For example, the coral encrustations on the rock walls still have brightly colored orange cup corals, sponges and other invertebrates.

 rock wall at tektite  sponge on tektite rock wall cup coral

Nurse SharkWe also saw lots of fish and cool creatures like this nurse shark and the little camera shy lobster that stayed hiding in it’s little hole in the reef.

We found two caves; one as shown in the above photo and another one further east. It was a really beautiful day, clear blue skies with passing rain squall adding a dramatic effect.

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