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St. John Fauna: Francis Bay Pond

St. John Birds: duck

Francis Bay Trail, St. John USVI

The Francis Bay Trail accesses two excellent viewing stations where you can relax and comfortably observe the life on and around a typical St. John salt pond.

The handicap accessible boardwalk, which leads around the western side of the pond, takes you to a short pier extending out onto the pond. The pier ends in a fenced deck from which these photos were taken.

The best time to observe the activity on the salt pond is during the early morning or late afternoon. As these are the times that often brings out the resident bug population, arriving armed with some insect repellent might make good sense, just in case.

Another excellent view of the salt pond can be found from the benches located on the upper part of the trail.

St, John Birds: Black-Necked Stilt
Black-Necked Stilt

St. John Virgin islands Birds: Duck and Black-necked stilt
Black-Necked Stilt & Duck


Ready to Fly

White Ibis

St. John Fauna: Deer
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