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Peter Bay Then and Now

Peter Bay St. John USVI
Peter Bay 1978

Peter Bay St. John US Virgin Islands
Peter Bay Recent photo

The above photo shows Peter Bay in 1978. At that time the property was owned by the Hall family and there was a small house on the land. The Halls were one of the few families to refuse to sell their land to the agents of the National Park and as a result their relationship with the park was contentious. Mrs. Hall’s son, Victor, kept a few sunfish on the beach there with one sometimes anchored in the bay. Confronted by the National Park as to the legality of keeping his sailboats there, Victor was told that he must remove the boats from the beach and bay. Victor fought back, to the extent of getting Good Morning America to do a piece on his plight. Nonetheless, when the Halls made the decision to sell the land, they first offered to the Virgin Islands National Park. The Park refused the offer citing budgetary concerns of the Reagan years, and only then the land was then offered to developers at a considerably higher price. Today there are many homes on Peter Bay, which is probably the most expensive and most exclusive development on St. John.

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Peter Bay Past and Pesent

cinnamon bay trail overlook 1965
View of Peter Bay from the Cinnamon Bay Trail Overlook 1965

Cinnamon Bay Trail Overlook
View of Peter Bay from the Cinnamon Bay Trail Overlook 2012

The tract of land, which now serves as the exclusive gated development at Peter Bay was formerly owned by the Hall family. The land was offered to the Virgin Islands National Park at a price quite a bit less than the assessed value at the time. When the VINP refused the offer, the land was sold to developers.

St. John Events

8 Tuff Miles Results

The 17th Annual St.John 8 Tuff Miles Road Race
Saturday February 23rd 2013 – 7:15am
Course: Cruz Bay to Coral Bay, St. John USVI
Via Centerline Road Distance 8.375 miles

This course begins and ends at sea level. Along the way you will reach an elevation of 999 ft. There is approximately 1400 ft. of elevation gain in the first 5 1/2 miles and then it’s back to sea level. The course actually measures 8 3/8 miles. The temperature at the start of the race is usually in the low 80s

Friends of the Virgin Islands National Park 9th Annual Gala
An Evening to Remember! 25th Anniversary Gala, at Presidio Del Mar

St. John and Virgin Islands News

Dengue Still a Problem, Health Commissioner Tells Senate Committee
By Bill Kossler — February 21, 2013

Growing numbers of dengue cases in the U.S. Virgin Islands since November highlight the need to fight the mosquitoes that carry the illness by draining stagnant water and repairing screens, Health Commissioner Darice Plaskett told the Senate during committee hearings Thursday.

Plaskett testified to the Health, Hospital, Human Services and Veterans’ Affairs Committee on St. Thomas that there was “a noted increase” in the number of reported dengue cases in November, … read more

Former EDC Beneficiary Arrested On St. Thomas
By Source Staff — February 22, 2013

James Tagliaferri, who managed and controlled TAG Virgin Islands, an investment advice firm registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, was arrested in St. Thomas Friday for allegedly defrauding his clients, according to the U.S. Department of Justice…. read more

New Mamey Peak Dumpster on the Way, WMA Says
By Lynda Lohr — February 21, 2013

A new trash bin is on the way, but it won’t come soon enough for Coral Bay area residents who are tired of looking at the garbage flowing from the bottom of the rusted-out Dumpster located at Mamey Peak. The trash container is on Centerline Road, and the garbage from the Dumpster blows across the street and down the road for several hundred yards…. read more

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St. John Weather

Partly cloudy with rain showers in the morning, then clear with rain showers
High of 79 degrees F
Breezy: Winds from the ENE at 10 to 20 mph
Chance of rain 20%
Sunrise: 6:41 AM AST – Sunset: 6:23 PM AST
Water Temperature: 82.9 degrees F

St. John Live Music Schedule

Mikey P 9:00
Dance Party 11:00

Cruz Bay Prime
Mike Wallace
7:00 – 10:00
693 -8000

Island Blues
Reverend Raven

Miss Lucy’s
David Reed
6:00 – 9:00

Morgan’s Mango
6:00 – 9:30

Ocean Grill
Rascio on Steel Pan
6:00 – 9:30

7:00 – 10:00

Skinny Legs
Hot Club of Coral Bay
779 4982

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Some Photos for a St. John Sunday

St John Virgin Islands Fauna: Green Iguana
Green Iguana

Iguanas tend to take on the color of their environment. The one in the photo spends much of his time between two big trees, an amarat and a manjack.Very young ones tend to be an iridescent green.

Cruz Bay Park, St. John
Cruz Bay Park

The work on the beautification and renovation of the Franklin Powell Parkin Cruz Bay was completed sometime last month, well in time for the next tourist season and before the interruption of any potential tropical disturbances during the Atlantic Hurricane Season, but not in time for the St. John Festival .

Little Cinnamon Bay, St. John US Virgin Islands
Little Cinnamon

Little Cinnamon Bay, between “Big” Cinnamon and Peter Bays, is the only north shore beach on St. John where anchoring (in the sand) near the beach is permissible.

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