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St. John Exotic Pest: The Wild Tamarind

The Ghost from Jost tackles the Wild Tamarind

I once wrote, “I hate wild tamarind. They’re ugly, untidy and unruly. They spread rampantly and take over the place. They’re prejudiced and intolerant. They grow close together and won’t let any other plants live in their neighborhood. They’re resilient and tenacious. Their sturdy taproot goes straight down into the earth and holds on tight. They can withstand drought, flood and even come back after a fire. There are no insects, predators or diseases that can do them any significant harm. They’re hard to get rid of. If you cut them down, they’ll grow right back. If you try and pull out the small one, you’d better have a lot of time and a lot of patience. If you try and dig out the big ones, you’d better have a good hoe-pick and a strong back.”
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Landscapers and gardeners on St. John often fight prolonged battles against this exotic pest. Small plants can be pulled out or destroyed using relatively innocuous herbicides, but once the tree becomes large it presents more of a problem, emitting thousands of seeds every time they bloom. Cutting them down with a machete just makes the resultant plant stronger by increasing the root dimensions and spreading out the tree into multiple trunks. Some people suggest spreading diesel oil on the newly cut stump. This is an effective way to kill the plant one time, but has extremely negative environmental consequences. To remove them root and all seems like the best solution, but the prevailing opinion is that “it ain’t easy!” But Curtney Chinnery, aka “the Ghost From Jost” has a method as demonstrated in the following video:

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