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St. John in the Springtime: Battle of the Mampoo

St. John Flora: Mampoo

“The mampoo is dropping it’s sticky seeds that find there way all over my shoes, my socks, my pants and all over the house.”

Funny thing, I’ve been annoyed with the sticky mampoo seeds and decided to blog about it. I remembered writing about them in the past so I did a search to see what I wrote. It turns out that the above paragraph was written one year ago to the day.

My friend, King, once told me to cut down the big mampoo because in his words it was a “dis GUSTING tree.” I didn’t realize what he meant until it flowered in the spring and dropped its sticky seeds all over the place.

From the SeeStJohn.com:

“In the springtime the mampoo goes to seed, the female of the species, making a kind of flower that starts off green and then turns black.

The tennis-ball sizes flower looks like a miniature tree that’s branches end with little black seeds instead of leaves.

On the end of each seed is a ball of sticky hooked spikes that stick on to skin or clothing like sticky velcro. If you have a mampoo on the way to your house you will surely find the little seeds everywhere during April and May, the time that they fall from the tree.

Disgusting it may be, but I still find the mampoo to be a beautiful shade tree and I’m happy to have them near my house, except in April and May, that is.

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