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Hurricane Hole Mangrove Snorkel


The seas on the south were exceptionally calm making the ride over to Hurricane Hole quick and comfortable. The video and stills were shot with a Canon G15 in an underwater case.

hurricane hole mangroves
Red Mangrove

spotted trunkfish
Spotted Trunkfish

Mnagrove and Roots
Mangrove Environment

St. John Live Music Schedule

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Karaoke Night

Coconut Coast
St. John Flutes
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High Tide
Steel Pan
Happy Hour 4:00 – 7:00

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Virgin Fire
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Hot Club of Coral Bay
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St. John Virgin Islands Weather

Isolated showers. Mostly sunny, with a high near 75. East wind around 11 mph. Chance of precipitation is 20%.

St. John and Virgin Islands News

Natasha Barnard models Ranifly BikiniVirgin Islands Swimsuit Designer Featured Again in Sports Illustrated
In the small island town of Coral Bay, St. John, swimsuit designer Rani Keohane is making big things happen. Her swimsuit line, Ranifly, was recently featured for the second time in Sports Illustrated, and she was also featured on GrindTV’s website in a piece on swimsuits for active women.

Ranifly swimsuits are coveted by women of all shapes and sizes thanks to their durability, comfort, and Keohane’s ability to create custom suits that flatter any body. She hand selects her fabric from a secret source in small batches and makes swimsuits in various styles, ensuring each Ranifly suit is unique.

“The suits are reversible, and we have hundreds of fabrics to choose from,” said Keohane, who makes the suits right in her Coccoloba complex shop.

Ranifly swimsuits can be purchased off the rack at Keohane’s Coral Bay shop and at various other St. John retailers, or ordered custom in the shop or online at www.raniflybikini.com.

Keohane’s success story begins with her simply trying to solve a problem: how to stay comfortable while working long days as a charter boat crewmember.

“I was working on boats and could never find anything that fit or was comfortable for the whole day,” she said. “I was always getting headaches from the suit pulling on my neck. So I started designing suits I could work in.”

Coworkers and friends took notice of Keohane’s designs, and immediately started placing their orders.

“They were so comfy and people loved them,” she said. “They’ve developed into being some of the most comfortable and flattering suits. Once people wear them, they’re hooked.”

In the 12 years since Keohane began making her own swimsuits, her business has grown in popularity, and today her easily recognizable designs are prolific on St. John’s beaches. Keohane works with her assistant, Sarah Swan, to come up with ideas for creative new styles, and Keohane engineers the suits to ensure their comfort and durability — hallmarks of Ranifly bikinis.

“Sarah will come up with something she thinks is really creative, and we’ll tweak it so that it’s functional too,” said Keohane. “That’s the part I do — I’m the mechanic. We don’t follow trends; we follow function, and we’re creative within that functionality. We try to be innovative. We’re trendsetters.”

Ranifly’s clientele ranges in age from teenagers to women in their mid-60s, and she’s made flattering, comfortable suits for every type of body.

“We get to make people feel good about themselves, and feel comfortable and confident at the same time,” said Keohane. “Bikinis are really hard. It’s a struggle for people to find something that works for them. We enjoy helping people leave happy and satisfied.”

To learn more about Ranifly, visit www.raniflybikini.com or contact Keohane at ranifly@gmail.com

Coral Bay Residents Cool to Idea of Clustered Housing Plan
By Lynda Lohr — March 12, 2014

Many of the approximately 75 Coral Bay area residents gathered Tuesday for a Planning and Natural Resources Department group dwelling permit hearing on an East End project called East Bay Beach Club were definitely cool to the idea.

“This is a textbook example of pure greed-driven projects,” St. John resident Doug White said at the meeting held at Guy Benjamin School in Coral Bay.

White and many others who attended the hearing wore black T-shirts with “Do Not Approve” blazoned across the front.

White, an architect and proponent of green building, has a house at the Privateer Bay development. His home is on one of what he said was nine lots with houses on them at the largely undeveloped and remote area that sit adjacent to the proposed project.

East Bay, with Marc Davies and Clark Bottner as principals, plans to build a 28-unit development on eight acres. It would have 16 three-bedroom units and a dozen four-bedroom units. The buildings will have one unit downstairs and another upstairs. The project also includes a club house and a pool.

The property sits adjacent to the Privateer development and will be accessed through Privateer’s privately owned roads. Privateer resident Barbara Crowder said the easement given to East Bay allowing it to use the Privateer roads prevents commercial development…. read more

Police Release Information in March 2 Villa Death
By Source Staff — March 12, 2014

Police have released additional information in the March 2 death of a female who was visiting St. John with her husband.

In a news released issued Tuesday, police identified the dead woman as 41-year-old Kimberly Lapsley.

According to the initial report, officers interviewed Lapsley’s husband, who said he and his wife were on vacation from Virginia and had an argument in the villa where they were staying. The husband told officers that, after the argument, he slept outside the rental property in his vehicle. The next morning he tried to enter to the villa but could not gain access. He called for assistance to get inside and once inside discovered the unresponsive body of his wife.

Detectives investigating the case said the autopsy has been completed and investigators are awaiting toxicology results. The V.I. Medical Examiner’s Office is the entity that sends and receives the toxicology report. Once that office receives it, they contact the police.

Detectives said the case is still under investigation and they will continue to interview anyone who has any information on the couple. Anyone with information can call detectives at 1-340-714-9834, or 1-340-715-5522, or call 911 or the anonymous tip service, Crimes Stoppers USVI, at 1-800-222-8477.

Tips also can be sent by texting “USVI” plus the message to CRIMES – or 274637.

Judge deems murder suspect a flight risk, sets bail at $750K
By JENNY KANE (Daily News Staff)
Published: March 11, 2014

ST. THOMAS – The man who police said stabbed a St. Thomas woman and left her body in a wrecked car made his initial appearance in court on Monday.

Adisa Bertrand, 33, appeared before V.I. Superior Court Judge Kathleen Mackay to be advised of his rights on first-degree murder and other charges. A butcher knife was among the items found in the vehicle containing the body of 24-year-old Shantee Seivewright on Friday night.

Seivewright was lifeless when V.I. police recovered her body at about 10:15 p.m. Friday from the wrecked vehicle. She had suffered several stab wounds that were not related to the wreck, according to police.

Slightly more than three hours later, police arrested Bertrand.

During Monday’s hearing, more than two dozen sets of eyes were on Bertrand. Family and friends of Seivewright lined the courtroom benches, some of them shaking their heads and some of them crying quietly.

Bertrand, who wore an oversized red jumpsuit, shivered in his seat, looking back at the crowd a handful of times.

Mackay set Bertrand’s bail at $750,000 and said he is a flight risk and danger to the community.

Bertrand, who has been living in the Chocolate Hole area of St. John for the last seven years, is in the territory illegally, making him an even greater flight risk, according to V.I. Assistant Attorney General Sigrid Tejo-Sprotte. He originally is from Dominica, Mackay said….





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Anchor in Hurricane Hole

Elliot Hooper from Tall Ship Trading told me about a huge anchor that lies in only 15 feet of water in Hurricane Hole. The anchor that dates back to the 1800s was inadvertently moved from Virgin Islands National Park waters and subsequently recovered and returned through a team effort of Elliot, the  VI National Park and the Friends of the Park. Learn more about the recovery.


This was no mean feat. The anchor measures 15 feet in length with a cross bar eight feet long and weighing some 2500 pounds was in 80 feet of water. The task was accomplished by floating the anchor using lined 55 gallon drums into which air was pumped and once free of the sea bottom it was dragged by dinghies to its current resting place in Hurricane Hole.

Anchor MapIf you’d like to find it, it’s relatively easy to do. The anchor rests at a depth of about 15 feet just off the peninsula between Princess Bay and Otter Creek.

The GPS Coordinates are 18°21’7.20″N by 64°41’38.40″W, but its easy to find following Elliot’s simple directions:

Look for a green bush with a fallen rock on the peninsula. Believe it or not it’s the only bush unless you count mangroves. Then snorkel straight out (west) until the water starts to get deeper. Look around; you’ll find it.

St. John Events

St. John Film Society presents: “Las Carpetas” (The Files)
Date: Tuesday, March 4, 2014
Time: 7:30 pm
Place: St John School of the Arts, Cruz Bay
$5.00 suggested donation or become a 2014 SJFS Member ($35. individual, $50. family)

“Las Carpetas,” a 2011 documentary, examines a painful chapter in Puerto Rico’s history in which secret police, supported by the FBI, spied and persecuted those who disagreed with the government. For decades, the collected information was classified in archives known as “the files”. An entire network was set up so “subversives”, were denied certain jobs through which they could exert influence or authority (police, university, journalism). Those who already had jobs were hounded until they resigned and many citizens were forced to emigrate since they could not find jobs in Puerto Rico.  When the existence of the files became known in 1987, the practice known as “the carpeteo” was declared unconstitutional. It wasn’t until 1992 that 15,000 files were officially returned to the persecuted citizens, opening a Pandora’s Box of painful memories.

St. John Live Music Schedule

Barefoot Cowboy Lounge
Erin Hart
7:00 – 9:00

Beach Bar
Karaoke Night

High Tide
Chris Carsel
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Inn at Tamarind Court
Steel Pan

Island Blues

La Tapa
6:30 – 9:30

Morgan’s Mango
Greg Kinslow
6:30 – 9:30

Ocean Grill
Lauren Jones
6:30 – 9:30

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Virgin Islands News

Coral World dolphinarium work under way on land
By ALDETH LEWIN (Daily News Staff)
Published: March 3, 2014

ST. THOMAS – Work has started on the $5.2 million, 70,000-square-foot interactive dolphin exhibit at Coral World Ocean Park.

The Coastal Zone Management permits were approved by the Senate and signed by Gov. John deJongh Jr. late last year.

The work being done on the property is on the land. The permits for building the dolphin enclosure in Water Bay have not yet been approved by the Army Corps of Engineers.

According to the permit application, the dolphins will be kept in a large rectangular enclosure built in Water Bay, bordered by decking containing a viewing platform and low bleacher seating.

The decks that will make up the enclosure will measure about 300 feet by 250 feet.

An additional 40-foot buffer will be set up around the perimeter of the decking using a buoy line. The decking will be supported by 158 concrete pilings that will necessitate the removal and relocation of some corals and seagrass beds.

A stainless steel mesh will connect the dock on the surface to the ocean floor, keeping the dolphins in the 2-acre enclosure while allowing the natural currents of the bay to clean out the dolphin habitat….

St. John Weather

Isolated showers. Sunny, with a high near 77. East northeast wind 13 to 15 mph. Chance of precipitation is 20%.

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St. John Sea Creatures: Hurricane Hole Mangrove Snorkel

Hurricane hole mangrove Snorkel
Giant Anemone, Reef Urchins Sponges and Corals hide out in Red Mangrove roots

Green Feather Algae

Yellowline Arrow Crab

Squirrel Fish

Marine Life a Mangrove Fringe Forest Environment more photos


Mitt Romney wins the Virgin Islands Republican Caucus

ST. THOMAS, U.S. Virgin Islands (AP) — The Republican Party chairman in the U.S. Virgin Islands says Republican presidential front-runner Mitt Romney has won the territory’s GOP caucus…

St. John Live Music Schedule for tonight, Monday, March 12

Concordia – Groove Thang – 6:30
High Tide – Mikey P – 8:00 – 11:00 – 714-6169
La Tapa – Samba Combo – 6:30 – 9:30 – 693-8141
Ocean Grill – Chris Carsel – 6:30 – 9:00 – 693-3304

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Mangrove Snorkel

Mangrove Snorkel at Hurricane Hole, St. John, Virgin Islands (USVI)

St. John Snorkeling: Water Creek
Water Creek, Hurricane Hole

It’s been sometime since I’ve snorkeled the mangroves at Hurricane Hole and I was pleasantly surprised at how little has changed since my last visit. The coral was still healthy, the sponges colorful, the fish plentiful. The above video and still photos were taken at the little indented bay within a bay at Water Creek at Hurricane Hole.

St. John Snorkeling: Mangrove fringe Forest
Mangroves Fringe Forest

The three bays within St. John’s Hurricane Hole, Water Creek, Otter Creek and Princess Bay all offer excellent opportunities to snorkel along a mangrove fringe forest in very comfortable conditions.

Mangrove Snorkel Water Creek, St. John

Brain Coral




Pink Sponge

Red Sponge

Sea Cucumber

“Effect on Divers: When disturbed display bristles, which can easily penetrate and break off in skin, causing a painful burning sensation and irritating wound.”
Reef Creature Identification, by Paul Human
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