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Nurse Shark at Honeymoon Beach

Nurse sharks are nocturnal creatures that usually spend the daytime resting under ledges or crevices in the reef. They are generally docile and do not present a threat to divers, although there are some, rather rare, reports of divers being bitten.

Nurse Shark
Nurse shark (Ginglymostoma cirratum)

Unlike most other sharks that need to constantly move in order to breathe, the nurse shark can remain stationary and breathe by pumping water through their mouths and out gills.

The nurse shark hunts at night looking for crustaceans, mollusks, eels, stingrays and other fish. They often catch their prey that otherwise would be too quick for them by either going after fish that sleep at night or by using suction created by their small mouths and large throat cavities.

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St. John Beaches: Honeymoon Bay

St. John USVI Beaches: Honeymoon

History of the Name
The beach we now call “Honeymoon” was not the original “Honeymoon Beach.” That distinction belongs to Jumbie Bay.

Jumbie Bay is situated in such a way that it cannot readily be seen from passing vehicles on Route 20 or from boats sailing to and from Cruz Bay. Years ago, when there was only a donkey trail on the north shore, Jumbie was even more remote and private than it is today and was reputedly the venue for lovers enjoying private liaisons. Because of this, it earned nicknamed “Honeymoon Beach.”

At that time, Salomon and Honeymoon Beaches did not have separate names, the entire bay being called Salomon Bay.

Sometime after the creation of the National Park and the development of Caneel Bay, the hotel designated the eastern of the two beaches at Salomon Bay to be the new Honeymoon Beach.

Lind Point TrailHow to Get To Honeymoon Beach
Like Salomon there is no road to Honeymoon. You need to walk the trail or go by boat.

From Town
Honeymoon can be reached by taking the Lind Point Trail. It will be a little over a mile from Cruz Bay to Honeymoon. Follow the directions to Solomon Bay, but when you get to the Solomon Bay spur, continue on the Lind Point Trail instead of turning left.

Shortest Walk (steep)
Caneel Hill Spur TrailFor the shortest walk (less than a half mile, with a descent of 250 feet) to Honeymoon Beach, take Route 20 past Mongoose Junction and up the hill. Turn left at the top of the hill where there is a blue Virgin Islands National Park sign.

Immediately on the right hand side, is a parking area for approximately four vehicles. Park here if you drove. The Caneel Hill Spur Trail intersects Route 20 and is marked with a sign that reads: “To Lind Point Trail.” Take this trail north and downhill bearing to the right at the Lind Point Trail junction.

Easiest Walk
The Caneel Bay Resort provides public land access to Caneel and Honeymoon Beaches. Unlike the narrow forest trail that winds down a rocky hillside, the dirt road from the Caneel Bay parking lot is well-maintained and there are no hills to climb. On your way to the beach, you can enjoy the magnificent landscaping that borders the road.

Virgin Islands Ecotours now operates a “Beach Hut” on Honeymoon Bay. Facilities include rest rooms, lockers and a beach hut where you can rent beach chairs, snorkel equipment, single and double kayaks and standup paddleboards. Cold drinks ice cream and snacks are also available for purchase.

Virgin Islands Ecotours

Excerpted from the St. John Off The Beaten Track App

St. John Events

The St. John Historical Society would like to invite the St. John community to celebrate its 40th anniversary at a party at the Battery on Tuesday, March 11, at 5 p.m. The event will feature catered food and drinks and a slideshow of St. John and Historical Society images. A video entitled “Flight to Freedom: Hans Jonathan,” which follows the quest of a modern-day Icelandic family to discover the true story of their enslaved Crucian ancestor, will be shown, along with a presentation by V.I. historian and SJHS board member George Tyson. All are welcome to attend. Non-members are asked to consider making a donation at the party.

St. John Live Music Schedule

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St. John Weather

Isolated showers. Sunny, with a high near 75. East northeast wind around 7 mph. Chance of precipitation is 20%.

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