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Images from Caneel Bay’s Hawksnest & Turtle Point Trails

Images from Caneel Bay Resort, St. John US Virgin Islands (USVI)

Turtle Point Trail
View from the wooden bench on the Turtle Point Trail

Caneel Bay resort guests and visitors to the property who check in at the hotel’s front desk can enjoy a relatively easy hike on Caneel Bay’s two walking trails, the Hawksnest Trail and the Turtle Point Trail, which actually has been renamed by the hotel as Mary’s Trail, in honor of Laurence Rockefeller’s wife, Mary.

The Hawksnest Trail take you through a typical St. John dry forest environment leading to Caneel Hawksnest Beach, where a well placed hammock awaits you. On the other end of the beach you can pick up the Turtle Point (or Mary’s) Trail with a scenic walk above the rocky coast of Hawksnest Point leading to the beach at Turtle Bay.

Hawksnest Bay and Turtle Point Trails
Deer on Hawksnest Bay Trail, Caneel bay, St. John USVI Caneel Hill Pinguin Flower


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