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St. John Market & Dolphin offer Discounts for St. Johnians

Locals will be enjoying some fairly substantial discounts at two St. John supermarkets.

It seems that the owner of the Dolphin Market has bought out his partner at the St. John Market and will be aggressively courting local business. To do this he plans to keep his stores well stocked and offer discounts to locals.

Starting today at the Dolphin Market in Cruz Bay, locals will receive a 10% discount on purchases of more than $25.00 and a 20% discount for those who spend $50.00 or more. You’ll have to identify yourself as a local and ask for the discount. The same discount will go into effect at the St. John Market located at the Greenleaf Commons shopping plaza across from the Westin beginning next week. According to the owner these discounts will be permanent.

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St. John Virgin Islands: Maho Bay Dolphin

Dolphin at Maho Bay
Dolphin at Maho Bay
Maho Dolphin entertains  boaters at Maho Bay
Maho Dolphin entertains boaters at Maho Bay

Yesterday a pair of dolphins put on a show for boaters at moorings, kayakers and swimmers in the vicinity of Maho Bay. The pair cavorted around the spectators, blowing out air from their blowholes and bringing their tails, heads, and dorsal fins to the surface.

Getting good photos of these guys are not easy, especially without a telephoto lens and excellent timing, but I was able to capture two fairly decent shots of the dolphin surfacing while three girls, visitors from our neighboring island, Puerto Rico, swam after them as their mom followed in a kayak.

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