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Sea Wasps

St. John Sea Creatures: Sea Wasp
Sea Wasp or Box Jellyfish – Image from Reef Creature Identification by Paul Human

Sea Wasp Carybdea alata
I saw four of these nasty creatures yesterday during the late afternoon on my Trunk Bay swim. They’re small and translucent, so they’re hard to watch out for, but do your best.

According to Paul Human, they are “highly toxic; contact with bare skin can produce an intense sting, redness and welts. Pour vinegar on affected area…” For severe reactions seek medical attention.

Sea Wasp Video

Chocolate Hole SunriseChocolate Hole Sunrise
Another beautiful orange sunrise this morning. The full blast colors only lasted for about a minute, so I was lucky to get the photo.

The sea appears to be just about flat calm again like yesterday. Great day for power boats!

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