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St. John Snorkeling: Whistling Cay

Whistling Cay, St. John US Virgin Islands (USVI)
That’s me!
St. John Snorkeling: Whistling Cay Map
Whistling Cay Snorkel Map

The Whistling Cay Snorkel, especially around the rocks and underwater canyons on the western tip of the island is one of the best snorkels in St. John waters. The proximity to open waters, and the flow of water through the Fungi Passage and the Narrows attracts fish of many shapes, color and sizes. The underwater boulders, rock formations, canyons, steep grooves, arches and walls, covered with spectacularly colored corals, sponges and tunicates are fascinating to explore. My friend, Dan Silber, who came along on this snorkel along with his girlfriend Maddy, described the area as an underwater garden, I like to borrow from the Beatles and describe it as an octopus’s garden.

Whistling Cay

Google Maps satellite view of snorkeling area


Spanish Mackerel
Spanish Mackerel

Bar Jacksat Whistling Cay
Bar Jacks

Tarpon at "cleaning station"
Tarpon being cleaned by a Goby

Colorful Coral, Sponge and Tunicate covered walls
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