St. John Virgin Islands: Caneel Hill Spur Trail

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The Caneel Hill Spur, as its name implies is a spur trail off the Caneel Hill Trail. It runs between the Upper Lind Point Trail and the Caneel Hill Trail crossing the Northshore Road (Route (20) in between.

There are two good reasons to utilize this trail.

For hikers on the Caneel Hill Trail whose destination is the viewing platform at the Caneel Hill summit (elevation: 719 feet), the Caneel Hill Spur offers a somewhat easier access, because beginning your hike from the point where the Caneel Hill Spur crosses the Northshore Road will cut 200 feet of elevation off the arduous climb as opposed  to beginning the walk at the Caneel Hill trailhead in Cruz Bay which begins at sea level.

For hikers whose destination is Honeymoon or Salomon Bays and who have a vehicle, the Caneel Hill Spur provides a shorter, although steeper walk to the beach.


Distance: 0.4 mile

Caneel Hill Trail intersection: 360 feet.
Northshore Road (Route 20): 200 feet
Upper Lind Point Trail: 120 feet

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