St. John Virgin Islands Trails: Falls at the Petroglyph Pool

Petroglyph Waterfalls
View from the top of the waterfall

The waterfalls at the Petroglyphs, fed by the Living Gut, were flowing vigorously after the heavy rains of last weekend. The rains were heavy enough to bring about the dramatic waterfalls, but not so intense as to flood at the guts along the trail making it necessary to wafe through water -flooded sections of the trail in order to reach the Petroglyphs.

petroglyph falls
Waterfall above the Petroglyph Pool

St. John Trails: Petroglyphs
“The Ghost” Climbs the second set of falls above the one at the Petroglyph Pools

St. John Waterfalls
Hikers on top of the falls

Petroglyph Waterfalls Video

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