The Ghost Catches a Tarantula

For better or for worse, the poet Curtney Chinnery, aka the “Ghost From Jost” is back on St. John.

The Ghost and I made this video yesterday demonstrating how to catch a tarantula. Apparently there are nearly 1,000 species of tarantula and not all are as deadly as commonly imagines. I have heard that these tarantulas, or ground spiders as they are sometimes called on St. John, can inflict a painful bite, but one which is rarely fatal.

Moreover, our St. John tarantulas are not aggressive at all and are fearful of humans.

Stay tunes for more adventures of the “Ghost From Jost…”

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4 thoughts on “The Ghost Catches a Tarantula”

  1. Very interesting…so this is a tranantula! I had an encounter with such a spider last spring while vacationing on St. John. Had I not had my flashlight on while going down a flight of outdoor steps I may have stepped on it! It had a leg missing & was as big as the palm of my hand. I took a bunch of photos of it while it slept (?) on the stair. It scurried off when I accidentally touched it’s leg with a flower bloom. The next morning I found what I’m sure was it’s hole. The villa manager said it was only a harmless ‘ground spider’ and descibed how to catch it with a blade of grass! I suppose it’s not PC to call them tarantulas, at least not to us tourists! We are visiting the island again in a couple of weeks & I’ll be checking to see if that spider still lives in the hole by the stairs!

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