St. John Virgin Islands: Tektite Trail Revisited


View From Tektite Trail

You Gotta Be There
Yesterday I hiked the Tektite Trail from the trailhead to the Cabritte Horn Point Overlook. It’s not that I didn’t remember the hike; it’s just that actually being there reinforced just how spectacular are the views along this trail. It’s like the beaches of St. John, with one beautiful beach after another, so are the views along this trail , which once supported the Tektite Project.

Views From the Tektite Trail – St. John USVI

View to the West
View to the West

Ruin at Top of First Hill
Ruin at Top of First Hill

Cabritte Horn Point Overlook
Cabritte Horn Point Overlook

View of Grootpan Bay
View of Grootpan Bay *

Beehive Cove (Tektite Snorkel)
Beehive Cove **(Tektite Snorkel)

Rocky Gorge
Rocky Gorge

* Grootpan Bay

** Tektite Snorkel

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3 thoughts on “St. John Virgin Islands: Tektite Trail Revisited”

  1. We tried to find the quartz cave on the Tektite trail coming from Lameshur. I found the area where someone has marked to rock scramble down, but it seemed like a gully and was unable to scramble all the way down. The artlice mentioned at the end of the point. So if you are standing at the end of the trail markers overlooking Beehive cove. which is the best path down? Toward the right and in the middle I tried. From as far as I went looks like the route would be starting more toward the left, then down?? Too diffilcult for my friend. Next time going by water or bring a rope to rappel:)

    Re: White Cliffs A couple of times I took the white cliffs trail from Reef bay, but the closer I got to Europa bay the trial was not clear. I believe if you start from Europa the article said a steep start from here.. I didn’t want to continue unless I was certain. Maybe I’ll try from this direction to Reef.

    Re: Maria Hope. I heard there was an old Royal Palm right off the trail. Still can not find.

  2. Hi,
    How do you get to the Tektite trail trailhead? Is it on the way to Salt Pond Bay and the Lameshur Bay trail?

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