St. John Film Society Press Release

Press Release: St John Film Society

Hello Film Society Friends
We’re kicking off the Season with a Party at Sputnik. Please join us Tuesday night(December 1) for a free Film, Pot Luck Dinner & Sing-a-Long Good time!

Our featured film is a Reggae classic with a soundtrack so good, you might feel like dancing.

Please visit our website for details

The Harder They Come
The Harder They Come

Tuesday, December 1
6:00 pm
Sputnik, Coral Bay

Pot Luck From 6:00pm
Movie Starts at 7:00pm
Raffle Tickets for sale all night

Bring a dish to share and a comfy chair!

Prizes awarded after the show
As always the film is free

Update me when site is updated

2 thoughts on “St. John Film Society Press Release”

  1. When the film came out it was banned in the USVI. The murders at Fountain Valley had just happened and the Gov. had wanted to down play the violence. The sound-tract was a best seller here though. Everyone over the age of 5 knew all the lyrics!
    It was only a few years later while in the states visiting friends that I got to see this movie. It was being shown for a film course at the University of Delaware. I helped with the translation from Jamaican to English for the group!

  2. I can’t remember what year I saw it (maybe late 70’s or early 80’s, but it played on St. John once before at Sputniks. It was a very weird experience because lots of people laughed during the violent scenes. It was very upsetting. However, we loved the movie and the score.

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