The Barracuda That Likes to Relax in the Shade

barracudaTell me that’s not an ugly face. It’s downright menacing.

I often see this guy (I’ll give him a masculine gender for no particular reason other than his ugliness), when I snorkel from my boat at Salt Pond Bay. The thing is that he like to hang out in the shade provided by the vessels moored in the bay. Yesterday he was under my boat, giving me this evil stare. I’ve met him enough times without incident, to believe that he’s not going to bite me, but I have to admit he can be unnerving.

Now keep in mind, if you harass him too much, which I used to do trying to get close up videos, he may make a sudden move to scare you, which happened in this video taken about a year ago.
Please remember that this guy has been around for years, same spot, and has never hurt anyone, so don’t be afraid to approach, just take it easy on him, he’s just looking to enjoy some shade in peace.

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