St. John Snorkeling: Waterlemon Cay

Waterlemon Cay, St. John Virgin Islands
Waterlemon Cay Snorkel

I’ve often heard that the Waterlemon Cay snorkel is the best on St. John. Maybe so, but it certainly is a popular one. Here are some photos from a recent snorkeling adventure.

(And by the way it’s WaterLEMON Cay, not WaterMELON Cay)

Brain Coral Waterlemon Cay
Brain Coral


peacock flounder
Peacock Flounder: Master of Camouflage


More about Waterlemon Cay and Leinster Bay

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  1. I was snorkeling in June and I saw that very same turtle with 3 legs! I mean how many can there be with a missing front leg…really! I think that’s neat! ANDDDDD I have only come across a few Hawksbill turtles.

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