St. John Snorkeling: Caribbean Spiny Lobsters

Caribbean Spiny Lobster (Panulirus argus)

Snorkeling the waters of St. John back in the days, these lobsters could be found in just about any hole or under any ledge on the reef. Now they’re a lot more scarce.

During the day, the lobsters hide out in the dark recesses of the coral reef and may be difficult to find. However, at night the lobsters come out of their hiding places and forage the reef, and if you snorkel at night, you’re very likely to see them out in the open.

Although Caribbean Spiny Lobsters look (and taste) very much like the clawed lobsters found in the waters of the northeastern United States, they are not closely related biologically.

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  1. I went with Low Key on a few dives and on one in particular everyone saw a lobster… somehow I missed it. This is actually my first time seeing one that isn’t bright red. Very cool.

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