Mangrove Snorkel

Mangrove Snorkel at Hurricane Hole, St. John, Virgin Islands (USVI)

St. John Snorkeling: Water Creek
Water Creek, Hurricane Hole

It’s been sometime since I’ve snorkeled the mangroves at Hurricane Hole and I was pleasantly surprised at how little has changed since my last visit. The coral was still healthy, the sponges colorful, the fish plentiful. The above video and still photos were taken at the little indented bay within a bay at Water Creek at Hurricane Hole.

St. John Snorkeling: Mangrove fringe Forest
Mangroves Fringe Forest

The three bays within St. John’s Hurricane Hole, Water Creek, Otter Creek and Princess Bay all offer excellent opportunities to snorkel along a mangrove fringe forest in very comfortable conditions.

Mangrove Snorkel Water Creek, St. John

Brain Coral




Pink Sponge

Red Sponge

Sea Cucumber

“Effect on Divers: When disturbed display bristles, which can easily penetrate and break off in skin, causing a painful burning sensation and irritating wound.”
Reef Creature Identification, by Paul Human
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5 thoughts on “Mangrove Snorkel”

  1. Great visibility there. We have a lot of mangroves here in southwest Florida but out water is murky. Thanks for sharing the beauty!


  2. Love to see the wild life of the Caribbean in action. These mangroves serve as nurseries for all the little guys and gives them a chance to mature.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Princess Bay mangrove snorkeling was one of the highlights of our visit last winter. Can’t wait to do it again this coming February! Your video will help bridge the time.

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