The Parrot that Comes to Visit

Every day this week, I’ve had this early morning visitor. A beautiful bird it’s true, but there’s always something annoying about it. The last time it came around was when my mangoes were in season and it was a regular mango teef. Took big bites too. It could finish a mango in no time at all. It disappeared when the mangoes were gone, but it came back, as I said about a week ago. Comes at the break of dawn and lets out a screeching call that could wake up even the heaviest of sleepers.

I wonder where it came from. There is an indigenous parrot in the Caribbean, but this one isn’t one of them. I suppose it escaped from captivity and has adapted to life in the wild.

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One thought on “The Parrot that Comes to Visit”

  1. A couple years ago Pirates Bight on Norman had two parrots in a large outdoor cage. One escaped and one was stolen, wonder if this the one that flew the coop?

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