Some St. John Flora & Fauna

st john flora and fauna
bananaquit and amarat flower

st john flora: amarat flowerThe amarat is often mistaken for the obnoxious wild tamarind, especially when it’s small. The amarat, however, matures into a tall hardwood tree and produces attractive flowers in the spring. It belongs to the acacia family (locally called kasha) but unlike its unfriendly relatives the amarat bark is smooth and spineless. In the photo on top, a bananaquit sucks the nectar from an amarat flower

st john birds: american kestral
American Kestral

The telephone pole that I can see from my deck seems to be a favorite perch for this American kestral also known as a sparrow hawk or killy killy

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2 thoughts on “Some St. John Flora & Fauna”

  1. Hi Gerald! What an unusual but beautiful flower that is! I’d love to see a picture of a whole tree in bloom, draped with these caterpillar shaped flowers. Are they rare on the Island?
    Thanks for sharing the pics and info Gerald. Now go take a hike and enjoy the Island…wish I could! LOL!

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