Off St. John Adventures: The Ghost of Hempsted House

The Ghost of Hempsted House, New London Connecticut
Hempsted House, New London CT

I’ve been off island visiting family in America. One stop was to see my daughter and her kids in New London, Connecticut.

New London is a really scenic town with a lot of historical and nautical flavor, so on the first nice sunny day I grab my camera and walk around taking pictures, one of which is the house on the corner of my daughters block. The structure dates back to the seventeenth century and the man that built the house had left a diary detailing what everyday life was like for him back then.

Anyway, I’m taking a photo of the house when a man and a women pass by that turn out to be neighbors of my daughter.

“Did you know that that house is haunted,” says the man.

“No,” I say, “but I love stories so please go on.”

The story goes like this:

Apparently a women had died under mysterious circumstances on the second floor of the house. After that there have been numerous reports of strange goings on in the house.

For example, the August 22, 1908 edition of The Evening News, San Jose, California reported:
“The first antics noticed by the Hempsted family took place on Wednesday evening of this week when spools of thread began to tumble from the work basket on the second floor, down the stairs and sometimes apparently through the air at the feet of Mrs. Hempsted in the dining room below…”

On May 4th 2009, paranormal investigators were summoned to the Hempsted House to investigate the many tales of strange goings on in the house.

But last summer, there was a car accident on the block. A women driving late at night swerved off the street crashing into the wooden fence bordering the property. When the police arrived on the scene, they encountered the extremely distraught driver who claimed that she had just run over a woman. According to the driver of the car a woman had appeared out of nowhere in front of the car. The driver said that she swerved to avoid hitting the lady, but thinks she ran her down. The car went off the road striking the fence and knocking it down.

“Right here,” said the storyteller, pointing to a section of fence that was obviously newer than the rest.

Anyway the police searched the area, but found neither body nor blood or any other evidence of anyone being struck by an automobile.

Suspecting that the driver had been drinking, the performed a breath test which came out negative. Neither did the woman appear to be high on drugs or crazy. The police asked her to describe the supposed victim and the lady described a blond woman in seventeenth century garb consistent with all the other sightings of the ghost of Hempsted House…

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