St. John Beaches: Maho Bay Improvements

The Maho Bay improvement project is nearly complete, with newly constructed concrete pathways, an open air-pavilion, picnic tables, barbecues and an outhouse. In addition, the old existing pavilion has been improved with a new roof, a wooden deck and a new paint job.

Maho Bay Pavilion
New Pavilion

St. John Fauna: Seagull

Maho bay pavilion
A wooden deck has been added to the old pavilion

Maho Bay, St. John US Virgin Islands (USVI)A “Special Use Permit” will be required for use of the existing pavilion, but a permit will not be required for the new open air pavilion, available on a first come, first serve basis..

The project, which will not include running water or electricity, was contracted by an off-island company at a cost of $429,000.

Parking improvements have also been made. On the west end of the beach several head-on parking spaces have been added and on the east end the construction of  a fairly sizable parking lot is underway. Posts have been installed on the north side of the road to prevent parking on the ecologically fragile shoreline.

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