Westin Resort Recovering From Flooding

St. John US Virgin Islands: The Pool at the Westin Should be Back in Operation by Tomorrow or Friday

The flooding caused by Hurricane Otto particularly effected the Westin Resort with damage to the pool, some of the guest rooms, the beach area and beach restaurant and the tennis courts.

Repairs are underway and should be completed shortly. Guests that stayed during and after the flooding reported that they were treated exceptionally well by the management and staff of the hotel.

St. John Water Trucks Line Up to Fill the Westin Pool

Hoses Bring the water from the Trucks to the Pool

Backhoe at Work Making Repairs at the Beach
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13 thoughts on “Westin Resort Recovering From Flooding”

  1. Please post more pictures! Dying to really see what has happened at the Westin. planning to come back soon. You’re blog is the best source of news! Thank you

  2. I am also eager for more pictures regarding what is going on at the Westin.
    We have a wedding planned there in a month and half! Any updated info is appreciated.

  3. Thanks for the update. Most important, we hope the fine folks in St. John are doing OK.
    We’re bringing our children down during the Thanksgiving weekend and want to make sure all is safe. Do you know if there was any water damages to the rooms, ie., mold; and about the villa pools.

  4. The villa pools survived the flood with little to no damage. The main pool was cleaned up and refilled yesterday. Work is underway on the tennis courts, at the beach and the beach restaurant. Some rooms had water damage. I’m told that even before the flooding maintenance was scheduled for the rooms to be done during this slow season and water damaged rooms will receive special attention. I’ll take a walk around the property again tomorrow and see how things are progressing.

  5. Thanks Gerald! We visited the Westin and St. John for the first time a week before Earl, and fell in love. We really appreciate the updates and are thirsty for news (and a St. John Iced Tea).

  6. Your pictures make it look like things are moving back to normal, but on the actual westin website they say the pool will be closed until Nov. 14. Any thoughts?

  7. Glad to hear that no one was injured during this downpour. I am bringing my family down next weekend, the 23rd for about a week. We just want to confirm that the pool is open & that the beach will be accessible. Can you post some more photos of the beach area, & the resort?

  8. If you get the chance, I’d really appreciate an update tomorrow. We’re checking in on the 16th. It looks like things are on the right track and we will have minimal problems, but you never can tell. No joke- when I called the resort they said, “What damage?”

    I understand the Westin’s beach is out of commission, but from what I can tell all the other beaches are safe now?

    Thanks for the update! You’re my eyes!

  9. i am checking in on the 21st of october for 6 days. i am thinking of canceling my reservations, but it will cost us so much to cancel. when i called the hotel they said the pool will not be ready until the next month november. Please post some updates.

  10. Any anticipated completetion date for repair of the tennis courts? I think last time there was similar damage it took several months to get the replacement surfacing material & and “experts” to install it.

  11. Hello, if anyone has direct information about the main pool that would be great. I just got off the phone with them and they say not open until November 14th (the day I leave). they said main restaurant on beach should be open November 5th. I am an owner and go every year and spend all my time at the pool – if anyone knows that it may be open sooner then November 14th it would be great information.

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