St. John USVI Flora: Pineapple

Virgin Island Pineapple

The Virgin Island pineapple is generally smaller than the commercially grown Hawaiian variety.

But, it’s also much sweeter!

The fruit is white rather than yellow and it should really be moved from the category of “fruit” to the “candy” category!

Pineapples can produce seeds if the plant is pollinated, which is usually performed by hummingbirds. Seeds detract from the quality of the fruit (like some other popular plants), so pollination is discouraged. Hawaii, for example, prohibits the importation of hummingbirds.

Pineapple seeds

Our hummingbirds seem to like other flowers better than pineapples, so pollination is rare.

Gardeners here on St. John plant pineapples from slips, which commercial growers call suckers.

Slips that mature the quickest, often the by the next year come from the old palnt after it produces the first pineapple. The slip can be left where it is or cut and replanted elsewhere in the garden.

pineapple sucker

Slips can also come from the bottom of the fruit, these take a bit longer to flower, usually during the second season.

pineapple slip

Finally, the slip can come from the top of the fruit, but pineapples grown this way take the longest amount of time to flower, possibly three seasons.Pineapple Slip

The Garden

Pineapple Garden
Pineapple Garden

First Flower

pineapple flower

Ready to Ripen

St. John Virgin islands Pineapple
Pineapple tilts downward when almost ready to ripen

Sweet, Delicious, White Virgin Islands Pineapple

St. John Virgin Islands Pineapple

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