St. John Weather: Rain, Rain and More Rain

Westin Hotel great Cruz Bay St. John Virgin Islands
Westin Resort, St. John US Virgin islands

It’s been raining quite hard here on St. John for the last day or so causing significant flooding. I’ve heard reports from Coral Bay about rock and mud slides and other flood related problems. On St. Thomas, I heard that Crown Mountain Road is all but impassible.

But here closer to home I’ve seen quite a bit of damage in the area around the Westin where Guinea Gut overflowed. Flood waters ran through the resort and undermined the bridge over the gut and for several hours vehicles could no longer pass between the Westin on the east and the St. John Market on the west. The causes of  it all are two areas of stormy weather, one now a named storm, Subtropical Storm Otto and another referred to by the meteorologists as Invest 97.

At the Westin some rooms were flooded, as was the pool and the beach area. Large breaking waves caused a sailboat anchored in Great Cruz Bay to was up on the Westin Beach adding it to the other unfortunate craft brought ashore by Hurricane Earl.

Bridge over Guinea Gut

Tennis Courts

Sailboat is washed ashore by breaking seas

It’s Wednesday night and still raining, hopefully the rain will stop soon.

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  1. Hello! I found your site while I was checking the weather out in St John. We are a family of 5 that own a villa at the Westin. It looks like you have access to the Westin. Any way you can take some shots of the pool villas? Our building is #43. I called the hotel and they say that the building was not flooded but based on your photos, I cannot imagine that being the case……..thanks a ton!

    Also, any ideas how the beaches look such as Trunk Bay and Cinnamon Bay?

  2. Just got an email from the Westin warning about all their damage and options to cancel travel from now through the end of the month. We are due to arrive there next weekend. Based on these pictures it makes us want to reschedule. Any information on how long it will take to clean this up???

  3. I believe the hotel will provide accurate information as to the condition of the buildings and the schedule for cleanup.

  4. I actually called the hotel and they were very vague. I guess they really don’t want to give too much info. They told me building 43 was ok but I find that hard to believe. They also said the pools up on the hill by the two bedroom units are in good shape and just need to be treated with chlorine when the rain stops. If anyone is actually there on site and can get more info that would be great!! We arrive this saturday!!! UGGGH

  5. Thanks for all the updates. Planning on calling there today. Good luck with you trip this Saturday, if you can give us any updates while you are there, that would be great.
    I found this information on one of the Westin sites. Some of the info differs from the email we got.
    Limited Services Due to Flooding

    Due to heavy rainfall, the area around the Westin St. John Resort & Villas has experienced flood related damage. The resort is open but under limited operations. The resort operations team is working quickly to return to normal operations and to restore our pristine resort landscaping esthetics.The following limitations are currently in effect:

    * Our pool will not be available until it can be drained and cleaned. It is scheduled to reopen by October 28, 2010.
    * Snorkel’s Bar & Grill and Beach Café are closed. Cruz Bay Prime is being used as the main restaurant until further notice.
    * All beaches on St. John are closed until the necessary water safety tests can be performed. For the most up to date information please visit

    Due to the above limitations, the hotel is not accepting any new reservations from October 6 to 10, 2010. The hotel is waiving any cancellation fees for customers who would like to cancel their reservations from October 6 to October 28, 2010. If you would like to reschedule your upcoming reservation to a later date please contact our Reservations Team at 888-627-7206 or email

    This link had pictures too.

  6. called this morning. front desk discouraged us from going. now all 3 bdr. villas with pool muddy and flooded as well. bummer. i cancelled my week

  7. Can someone update on the status of Cruz Bay and the restaurants? Has the balance of the island experiences much damage?

  8. Returned on 10/6 from Westin St. John. Storm on Tuesday night really did major damage to place. We were in bld#11 by pool, 2nd floor. Apparently excess water came down mountain and washed into pool and collapsed part of pation by beach. 3 ships washed up on beach which is erroded badly. Grounds are flooded, tennis courts shot, many rooms flooded, ours had wet carpets from water being blown under patio door. Only resturant in main bld open, vitually no services available. Cruz bay had flooding but appears OK. Avoid resort at all possible, we were lucky to get out on Wednesday. Could not return rental Jeep as road between hotel and
    town was flooded and closed. Water is so churned up that it looks like NYC water.

  9. The best the Westin is offering is a week with Inteval. This just isn’t good enough. Seems as if our insurance which is part of our maintence should cover loss of use. Any thoughts? What a shame for everyone.

  10. We were scheduled to arrive tomorrow. 🙁 We will be going to FLA instead. The Westin is booked through the end of the year. We have owned since 1998 and have NEVER experienced anything like this. Our beloved resort is hardly recognizeable.

  11. OMG!! We are scheduled to arrive on 10/16 and are curious about condition of Trunk, Hawksnest, Cinimmon, etc. We don’t mind roughing it but if no sun or beaches there is not point. We love your island so much that we are having a difficult time making a decision.

  12. For those of you scheduled to arrive the 16th, I would not recommend it. There is no way that pool will be fixed by then. Also, the weather channel is projecting that Otto will actually loop BACK DOWN to the USVI sometime next week! They will need a long break of clear days to fix the pool and damage. If the storm comes back around, there will be another week of rain. Not that they won’t try to fix it but it will be logistically impossible. Besides that, the roads are damaged in so many areas that to get back and forth to the beaches will be a daily nightmare even if you have clear weather.

  13. I agree that the hotel may not be at 100% by the 16th, but it should be well on its way.

    It’s really doubtful that Otto will loop around and come back and as far as the roads go, at least on the Cruz Bay side of the island, they’re fairly well cleared and back to normal.

    For those planning stays at the Westin this month, I would check with the hotel to see how they’re progressing and make decisions based on that.

    Mother Nature will solve any problems with the beaches due to runoff from storm waters now that the rains seem to have subsided, so the beaches should be fine by the 16th.

  14. Don’t forget….they all work on “Island time” down there! So things that may take a week to correct in a US City take twice as long down there. I agree that checking with the hotel is a good idea, however, their motive is to get you there — not to discourage you from coming to spend money.

  15. Thanks for everyone’s feedback. Our group decided to spend the week of the 16th elsewhere and will just look forward to visiting St. John next year. We’ll miss seeing it though.

  16. We are planning our annual trip to the Westin beginning Nov. 27 … what are the chances it being up and running? Is anyone going down there this week?
    Nick in NYC

  17. Let me clarify my “up and running” question. Up and running, say, close to 100 percent. We have three little ones with us and I want to make sure it’s safe for them.

  18. Anyone going near the Westin St. John should steer clear for the next several weeks. My husband and I were there during the storm – arrived on 10/2/10 and the rains started on 10/4. We couldn’t get out until 10/8 which we were originally supposed to leave on 10/7. What an absolutely horrible experience. The resort is in complete ruins. If you haven’t left yet – don’t! There isn’t one ammenity available for you to enjoy. The pool has to be drained and cleaned (Estimated return to normal operation is 10/28-I’d say that is an aggressive date); all six tennis courts – the turf is buckled up – they are unusable; on 10/7 you couldn’t leave the resort via cars because the roads were blocked by debris. Also, their beautiful open restaurant and pool bar/restaurant are closed. They are using the Prime Rib (?? name?? it is the restaurant over the lobby) as the only restaurant for service. The beach erosion was extensive to the point that the patio was roped off and not usable. The beachs were closed by the government. During our stay the water was undrinkable because it was contaminated by sewage overflow (gross). We had visited this resort about 7 years ago in May – and we came back because we enjoyed it so much. You certain should visit some time but not in the near future.

  19. Can someone take some up to date pictures of the Westin to see how the progress is coming. Thank you.

  20. I am scheduled to arrive on St John 10/23 and stay through ll/06. I am still trying to decide whether or not to cancel my trip. Any updated information will be greatly appreciated since I feel every time I speak with the Westin I get a different story.

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