St. John Trails: Cinnamon Bay Self-Guiding Trail

Cinnamon Bay Self-Guiding Trail
Cinnamon Bay Self-Guiding Trail

Cinnamon Bay Self-Guiding Trail
I’ve identified almost 100 trails throughout St. John each with its own advantages, highlights  and challenges. One trail that almost everyone could enjoy is the Cinnamon Bay Self-Guiding Trail also known as the Cinnamon Bay Loop Trail. It’s relatively easy, only a half mile in length, no real hills and cool forest shade. Moreover, much of it is even handicap accessible. The highlights of the trail include the remains of an historic sugar and bay rum factory, a walk through a aromativ bay rum forest, an old Danish graveyard, a several specimens of dry forest flora including mammee apples, mangos and a cocoa tree, sometimes bearing their red chocolate fruits.

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Maho Bay Blog
Wednesday, January 2, 2013
land update

We don’t know much and the future is still very unclear, but this is the latest newsletter sent concerning the land we sit on:

Dear Campers, Staff and All Interested,

We have just discovered that the property which Maho Bay Camps sits upon has officially been sold.  The only information that has been released, is that a direct sale to an unknown buyer took place on 12/27/2012 for $13,950,000.  No one is releasing any more details.  We do not know who they are or their intentions.  All we know is that we are only taking reservations until we close on May 15, 2013.  We will continue to update you as we find out more.

We hope you have a blessed New Year and get to come visit us one last time.

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