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Probably the most popular activity St. John offers both visitors and users alike, is a day spent enjoying one or more of the world’ best beaches. For those who may be interested in beach information, location, photos or just trying to decide, which beach they should go to today, the St. John Off the Beaten Track App like the book, St. John Beach Guide, will be a most-welcomed resource.

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Location: Salt Pond Bay Map

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Information about Salt Pond Bay

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Drawing for the $500 Prize

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Thia Muilenburg was the lucky winner of the second St. John Gourmet and Dolphin Markets “Customer Appreciation – Family Day” $500 drawing.

St. John and Virgin Islands News

Taxi Situation in Cruz Bay a Big Unknown
By Lynda Lohr — November 22, 2013

Changes are afoot at the Cruz Bay ferry dock because Superior Court recently ruled that the St. John Taxi Association can no longer operate the taxi stand on what is now a month-to-month lease from the local government. Instead the V.I. Port Authority will be in charge as of Nov. 30.

“We have been given an opportunity that I believe, in the long term, is in the best interest of how this area can be managed for the community as a whole and for our visitors,” Gov. John deJongh Jr. said in a press release issued Friday.

He said the taxi service had a “natural synergy” with the ferry traffic arriving at Cruz Bay dock. Additionally the governor said the Port Authority has the staff on St. John as well as the operational experience of managing taxis, limousines and other vehicle for hire services.

How the Port Authority will do this remains unknown but board Chairman Robert O’Connor Jr. said that, to start, things will be pretty much the same as they are now with a dispatcher assigning passengers to taxis. However, he said the taxi stand will be open to all taxi drivers, not just those who belong to St. John Taxi….

…Until Nov. 30, the Taxi Association has the sole right to 13 parking spaces along the Cruz Bay waterfront, according to St. John Administrator Leona Smith. They start next to the handicapped space and run toward the battery. This is the area that constitutes the taxi stand. However, taxis commonly double park in front of them. And taxis sometimes park in spaces reserved for the public and in the few public parking lots that dot Cruz Bay. And the taxi drivers congregate to wait for fares and play dominoes in the Cruz Bay Park bandstand, a public facility.

O’Connor said he envisions freeing up those 13 spaces reserved for taxis so anyone can use them. In addition to taxis, staff from vacation villa management companies jockey for parking spaces near the waterfront so they can pick up guests. Some car rental companies also pick up at the dock. And residents picking up family and friends arriving on the ferry try to find a space to park while they wait for them to reach Cruz Bay.

“It can be a chaotic scene,” Smith said.

Judge denies pretrial release for new defendant in Tapia drug trafficking case
By Amanda Norris (Daily News Staff)

ST. THOMAS ­- Walter Hill, a St. John resident and new defendant in the Roberto Tapia drug trafficking case, will be detained on St. Thomas following a hearing in District Court on Thursday in which prosecutors brought to light Hill’s conviction almost 20 years ago for similar drug-related offenses.

Walter Hill is a cousin of Angelo Hill, a V.I. Police sergeant on St. John who was arrested May 24, one week after Drug Enforcement Administration agents affected a drug sting to conclude a year-and-half-long investigation.

On May 17, agents caught Tapia leaving the Red Hook ferry terminal with 7.72 kilograms of cocaine they say he got from Angelo Hill. According to law enforcement agents, Angelo Hill was in his police vehicle when he met Tapia and passed off the packages of cocaine…. read more

St. John Live Music Schedule

Sunday 11/24

Aqua Bistro
Lauren Jones
3:30 – 6:30

High Tide
Steel Pan
Happy Hour 4:00 – 7:00

Sun Dog
Sunday Night Jam
7:30 – 10:00 ish

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