St. John News: Royal Miss Belmar Removed from Rocks

Barge ready to receive the grounded Royal Miss Belmar

The Royal Miss Belmar, which ran aground on the rocks at Great St. James was lifted onto a barge and hauled away to St. Thomas yesterday. The accident the night of occurred on the night of July 4, right after Carnival fireworks. There were 105 people aboard and five people were injured. Both pontoons of the motor cat were hold and there was some damage to the reef where the vessel went aground.

Sea Tow, Coast Guard, police and DPNR vessels were in the vicinity for support. The barge Columbia was towed by the Tug Mary Alice sent from New York.
The salvage crew used straps lowered from a crane aboard the barge to lift the Miss Belmar off the rocks and place it on the barge.

Tug Mary Alice is in position

straps are attached and raised

detail of straps

Ready to go

The Royal Miss Belmar is lowered onto the barge

Done! - Miss Belmar safely on barge
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