St. John Morning: An Incident at the Gym

Yesterday the ceiling fell down at the gym.

It wasn’t the whole ceiling, just one two-foot square acoustic ceiling tile. It fell down right above the bench press machine. It was caused by a build up of water from a leaking air-conditioner drain. A lady was using the shoulder press machine nearby, but nothing fell on her.

Looking at the debris on the floor, I remarked to the gym attendants, “I’m glad it didn’t fall on me while I was using the machine. It would have shocked the hell out of me.”

St. John fauna: iguana“That’s nothing,” she replied. “It’s happened before,” and then she told me the circumstances of the previous incident.

It seems that just moments after the ceiling tile came down, a big iguana dropped to the floor.

The attendant screamed. The iguana bolted. Someone opened the front door and the iguana rushed out onto the courtyard.

I guess that was even more shocking!

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