St. John Moonlight Cruise

By Gerald Singer
Well it’s great to be back online after ten frustrating days of no internet connection and daily phone calls to the provider, who out of respect for our many years of acquaintanceship will remain nameless, and who every day said something like, “We’re working on the problem. It should be fixed later on today, but worse case by tomorrow.”

It was really amazing to realize how dependent I’ve become on the internet. Like somehow I forgot how to use the mail and the phone and how did I ever survive without it. But we’re back and it feels good.

Mr. B
Mr. B bound for St John USVI

A few days ago Habiba, Jacob and I headed out to sea on our little beloved Carib 15 in the late afternoon, mostly just for fun, but specifically to wave at our good friend, the beautiful princess, Rajni who we knew to be aboard the Mr. B on its way from Red Hook on St. Thomas to St. John.

The seas were flat calm, the moon was almost full and the skies were crystal clear, and it was such a joy to be out on the water on such a spectacular Caribbean evening that we invited Rajni, utilizing the vehicle of cell phone technology, to join us.

Rajni and Habiba
Habiba and Rajni

Rajni exited the barge and drove to our little floating dock on Great Cruz Bay where she joined Habiba, Jacob and I. The sun had set by then and we began our moonlight cruise.

Cruz Bay St John Virgin Islands at night
Cruz Bay,St John USVI at night

St. John takes on a different feeling at night and this is especially so when the island is viewed from the sea. We pulled into the harbor at Cruz Bay approached the dinghy dock and turned off the engine.

From there we cruised over to Honeymoon Bay where there was only one sailboat on a mooring. We could smell the aroma of a barbecue being prepared on the fantail of the sailboat. We came in fairly close to the beach and cut the engine. With so little breeze it was almost like being at anchor. The water was so clear and the moon so bright that you could easily see the sand and scattered coral on the sea bottom. We played with a flashlight in the water for a while to amuse ourselves and the fish below.

The plan was to pick up Rajni’s husband, Sean at Caneel Bay, when he got off work and then head on to Red Hook in St. Thomas for dinner at Molly Molone’s.

But Jacob fell asleep and we nixed that idea and just continued our moonlight cruise back to Great Cruz Bay and home.

Nothing much. Just another day in Paradise.

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