St. John Beaches: Caneel Bay

Caneel Bay, St. John, Virgin Islands
Caneel Bay
Caneel Bay Overlook, Caneel Bay St. John US Virgin Islands, USVI

A beach option often missed by visitors to St. John, is beautiful Caneel Bay Beach. There’s a parking fee that can be used towards food and beverage purchases and you should register at the desk if you want to explore the trails, but all well worth it.

There’s a very scenic and fairly easy trail (The Turtle Point also known as Mary’s Trail) on the property that could be an enjoyable change of scene from the beach.

The Caneel Bay Beach Terrace is a great place to sit and enjoy lunch right at seaside. There’s a new menu and the food is good.

Caneel Bay RuinsAnother cool thing to do while you’re at Caneel Bay is to explore the sugar factory ruins which are some of the best preserved on St. John.

Dinner at the Canel Bay ruins
Dinner served within the old sugar factory

You can even arrange to have dinner served to you within the ruins, a really unique experience.

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4 thoughts on “St. John Beaches: Caneel Bay”

  1. I’d like to know more about arranging a dinner in the sugar plantation.
    Who would I contact about that?

  2. We went to the Thanksgiving buffet and afterwards started out to Turtle bay. The head groundskeeper asked us to leave the property. He said it was for guests only. When I posted a complaint at Caneel’s FB page they deleted it rather than respond.

  3. Technically, you’re supposed to register at the front desk for the hike, but you would think that the groundskeeper would have told you this instead of acting the way he did.

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