Peter Bay Then and Now

Peter Bay St. John USVI
Peter Bay 1978

Peter Bay St. John US Virgin Islands
Peter Bay Recent photo

The above photo shows Peter Bay in 1978. At that time the property was owned by the Hall family and there was a small house on the land. The Halls were one of the few families to refuse to sell their land to the agents of the National Park and as a result their relationship with the park was contentious. Mrs. Hall’s son, Victor, kept a few sunfish on the beach there with one sometimes anchored in the bay. Confronted by the National Park as to the legality of keeping his sailboats there, Victor was told that he must remove the boats from the beach and bay. Victor fought back, to the extent of getting Good Morning America to do a piece on his plight. Nonetheless, when the Halls made the decision to sell the land, they first offered to the Virgin Islands National Park. The Park refused the offer citing budgetary concerns of the Reagan years, and only then the land was then offered to developers at a considerably higher price. Today there are many homes on Peter Bay, which is probably the most expensive and most exclusive development on St. John.

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