Pesticide Poisoning Update

Cris Barrish, The News Journal

A Tatnall School administrator and his family poisoned by a banned pesticide at a luxury resort in the U.S. Virgin Islands “have stabilized and are showing improvement” after returning to the United States, their spokesman said Tuesday.

Steve Esmond, the head of Tatnall’s middle school; his wife, Dr. Theresa Devine; and two teen sons were sickened during a vacation in the Caribbean island of St. John.

The boys, who are in 11th and 9th grade, respectively, at Tatnall, remain in critical condition…

…Investigators have confirmed that methyl bromide was applied inside the Esmond family’s condo and others at the complex “to deal with indoor bugs,” and that the agency knows who applied the chemical. Investigators will be “working backward” to determine if other tenants have become ill at Sirenusa or other places where the contractor has fumigated rooms. “It’s possible people have fallen ill and not known it.”… read entire article

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