New Web Cam with Views From Ditleff Point

Ditleff Point, St. John US Virgin Islands (USVI)
Ditleff Point

Ditleff Point Web Cam

The narrow Ditleff Point peninsula juts out to the south of St. John much like the Ram Head peninsula further to the east and like Ram Head provides excellent vistas looking to the east, the south and the west.

Now, thanks to the folks at Kaleidoscope Villa, we can enjoy the view sitting at our computer via their web cam.

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Note: Some visitors are having problems accessing the Ditleff web cam. If so an alternative link would be

Update me when site is updated

9 thoughts on “New Web Cam with Views From Ditleff Point”

  1. The link to the web cam does not work, it is asking for a password. The links to your pics do work, and they are amazing.

  2. Beautiful…When I walk outside in the DC area today, it is below freezing with 30-40 MPH gusts. I keep wishing for a tropical breeze….

  3. Still having trouble accessing this webcam, just getting the “log in ” box. I have opened it a few times, however, and it is a wonderful view. Please keep us informed if there is a new link for it. Thank you!

  4. Thanks for sharing. I bounce around from the Spice cam to the Serendipity cam all the time. I’ll have to write something up on this new one. Thanks and I look forward to following your blog. Cheers!

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