Leinster Bay Road Manchineel Sign
Manchineel Sign on the Leinster Bay Road

What Does a Manchineel Apple Taste Like

It’s not easy to get a taste review of the manchineel apple, especially with it’s rather ominous nickname “death apple,” but we have it here folks, brought to you as an exclusive by St. John life.

It seems a family of four visiting St. John happened to be walking down the Leinster Bay Road on their way to Waterlemon Bay, when they passed by the manchineel tree on the Leinster Bay Road. Thinking that it was a tasty genip, the dad picked an apple and offered bites to his wife and kids. Dad ate the apple, the mom and their eight-year-old kid took a bite and spit it out and their four-year-old refused the offer. Walking a few paces further, they read the big red sign pictured above.

Next, it was a trip to the clinic, along with a good share of worry and anxiety.

The result: intestinal distress for the dad and a burned mouth feeling for mom and the kid. The survival rate was 100 percent.

Interviewing the protagonists of the story, I was mainly interested in the taste of a death apple, something I was loath to find out for myself.

Here’s the review:

Dad: Sweet, but a bit tart

Mom: Like an under-ripe honeydew melon

Eight-year-old kid: Like concrete

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