Honeymoon Bay

St. John Beaches: Honeymoon Beach
Honeymoon Beach

Honeymoon Beach, St. John US Virgin IslandsNaming Honeymoon Bay

Historically and on most Virgin Islands maps, Salomon Bay, often misspelled, “Solomon,” contains two beaches, not individually named. Locals, however distinguish between the two, with the western one called Salomon and the eastern one, Honeymoon.

It was in fact Jumbie Bay that first received the nickname Honeymoon because of its somewhat hidden location and its reputation as being the beach for secret trysts. Later on with the development of the resort at Caneel Bay, the hotel co-opted the name, for the eastern beach on Salomon Bay and it stuck.

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Sun Dog Cafe’s “Wednesday Night Jam” is Now the “Sunday Night Jam”

After seven years and over 3,000 individual performances seen by an estimated 20,000 people, the Wednesday Night Jam is taking it’s act down the road to Sunday Night, from 5:30 to 8:30 pm. Over the seven year existence of the event, the overflowing stage has welcomed Jonathan Edwards (“Sunshine”, “Shanty”), Fly Amero of Orleans (“Dance with Me”), and other notable musical guests, along with a steady local offering of talent. In contrast to a band or having an open mike, the now Sunday Night Jam is unique in that it encourages musicians who didn’t even know each other to join each other on stage. The results are often magical, occasionally erratic, but always entertaining. It was originated by Mark Wallace, and sustained by Lauren Magnie Jones, and has grown to a point where we literally have stopped traffic, so we are moving it in order to provide more space for the event. We can’t ever thank all of the supporters of the event, in its early, quieter days, the musicians who shared a wealth of talent and our guests who recognized the unique personal connection that was shared on more than one occasion.

We’re preparing a special menu for the event that we are putting together now. We hope you can join us this, and every Sunday for the Sunday Night Jam!

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