Hiking With the St. John Explorers Club

Tektite Trail Aubrey Goat Trail
View from the Aubrey Goat Trail
the route

I’ve been meaning to go hiking with these guys for some time now, but yesterday was my first experience.

Let me tell you, this is a serious hiking club going on some serious “off the beaten track” (why do I like that term?) hikes.

We met at Salt Pond Bay at 8:30 in the morning. and head out shortly thereafter taking the dirt tracks that lead to Kiddle and Grootpan Bays.

Our first stop is at Kiddel Bay where we relax for a while enjoying the cool ocean breeze and another beautiful St John morning.

Next stop Grootpan Bay the long cobblestone beach just to the west of Kiddel.

We walk the length of the beach lead by our fearless leader, Dick Corkhill, who discovers the entrance to the trail that will take us up to the hillside to meet the Tektite Trail.

St. John Virgin Islands Beaches: Grootpan Bay
Explorers at Grootpan Bay

Dick Corkhill, St. John Explorers leader
Our Guide
Dick finds the entrance to the Aubrey Goat Trail

This narrow steep path is called Aubrey’s Goat Trail, as it was probably made by goats, but kept up by a man named Aubrey who lives nearby and who used the trail to get to his goats that grazed on the grassy hilltops above.

The trail is steep and can be slippery when wet, but the explorers negotiate it ease. At any point you can turn around and gaze out onto a magnificent scenic panorama.

Aubrey Goat Trail

View from Aubrey Goat Trail

At the top of the hill, we walk along the ridge until we meet the Cabritte Horn spur of the Tektite Trail

Next we walk out to Cabritte Horn Point, passing by a deep gorge and an overlook with a dramatic view down onto a cove formed by large boulders just offshore of the rocky headland.

We walk along ridge to meet the Tektite Trail


Leaving the Cabritte Horn Trail, we proceed to the Tektite Trail intersection, where we head out to a shaded overlook above the Tektite snorkel and dive area.

After a brief rest we backtrack to the trail intersection but this time follow the Tektite Trail to the trailhead at main road just above and to the west of greater Lameshur Bay and from there we walk back to the cars at Salt Pond.

Explorers at Cabritte Horn Point

View to the west from Cabritte Horn Point

rest stop above the Tektite snorkel area

I have some prior commitments to do so I don’t continue on with the explorers for the second part of their weekly get-together, which for today’s hike is lunch at Miss Lucy’s and if I heard right, lots of cold beers.

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3 thoughts on “Hiking With the St. John Explorers Club”

  1. I will be on St. John Jan31 – Feb12 and was wondering if Explorers Club would have room for me. Margo Hunt has got me in through Hal Brown in years past. Your hike is on my must do list every year.

  2. I’m sure that their attitude is “the more the merrier.” Contact Dick Corkhill 779 4745

  3. My bf and I have been doing your hikes twice a month for over a year now. We would love to catch up with this mythic group and, if not actually go hiking with them, perhaps coordinate our efforts to keep these wonderful trails open and accessable. Do you have an e-mail address or some kind of business phone number for the St John Explorers Club?

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