Hanging in on St. John with TS Irene

It’s about a quarter after six and I don’t know about the rest of St. John, but here in Chocolate Hole and amazingly I still have both electricity and internet. The center of Irene is now just about over St. Croix, but much of the heavy rains and winds are located to the north. Here on Chocolate Hole, the winds are hard out of the north with heavy squalls. I imagine the seas on the south will get rougher as the storm passes and the winds shift to the south.

A Hurricane Watch is now in effect for the U.S. Virgin Islands. Gov. John deJongh has declared a state of emergency in order to impose storm curfews and emergency shelters were opened on St. Croix, where the port was closed.

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4 thoughts on “Hanging in on St. John with TS Irene”

  1. Hope Irene only brings you full cisterns, skeeter-chasing winds and something exciting to watch while enjoying your favorite drink! Stay safe, Gerald!

    P.S. Thanks for all your posts. I may not write comments alot, but I do read them all.

  2. Hi – Any updates on Irene hitting St John? Is there any known damage? My house is on Bordeaux Mountain and I am in DC so any info you may have would be very helpful. Thanks!

  3. We came through well (here in Chocolate Hole/Rendezvous Bay). No damage to our buildings. Lost one banana plant but, hey, on positive side we have full cisterns! Electricity and internet stayed up the entire time (except for when WAPA shut it down for 30 minutes this morning). Hope Irene treats the rest of the islands well.

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