St. John Flora: flamboyant

It’s summertime on St. John and the flamboyant trees all over the island are in bloom. Although not native to the Virgin Islands, the flamboyant can be seen all over St. John including undeveloped hillsides within the Virgin Islands National Park. It’s easy to see why this beautiful colorful tree has been a popular landscaping addition, but how did it get far up on the mountainsides where probably even the early sugar planters didn’t venture? Not that they were concerned with planting flowering trees without any commercial value, just because they liked to see spectacular colors colors in the summer.

Old time Virgin Islanders tell me that once upon a time there was a visitor to St. John who was in love with flamboyant trees. This man hired an airplane and flew all over the island dropping flamboyant seeds from the cockpit of the plane and that’s why the tree can be found in so many inaccessible locations brightening up St. John’s verdant hillsides with sprays of red….read more

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  1. Very nice, Gerald. There’s a lovely one out near Miss Vie’s, too. I like sitting there eating her conch fritters and enjoying the view.

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