End of the Thrushie War

Today marked the end of this year’s war against the thrushies, which went very much like  last year’s war.

Thrushies or Pearly-Eyed Thrashers, (Margarops fuscatus), are birds commonly found here on St. John. They are described in a Wikopedia article as “aggressive and opportunistic,” and that they are.

Every year these bold, brazen thieves and I wage a war with the prize being my delicious Malika mangoes.

When it came down to the two last mangoes on the tree, the outcome was a draw: one for me, one for da t’rushie dem.

st john flora: mango
My Mango

mango for the thrushie
The Thrushie's Mango
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One thought on “End of the Thrushie War”

  1. When we camp at Cinnamon Bay we feed the Bananaquits sugar water, but a Thrasher is always there watching, waiting… and sometimes we feed him a little jelly container or some bread crumbs. We didn’t know what kind of bird he was, so we just called him “Mr. Big”.

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