A Day Trip to St. John 1907

Ferry to St. John 1949
St. John Ferry 1949 (photo by Fritz Henle)

Day Trip to St. John 1907

In 1907, there was scheduled service to the St. Thomas, Danish West Indies by ships, which arrived once a month. A 1907 travel guide outlined the following day trips for tourists to St. John:

“Visitors to St. John would leave Charlotte Amalie at 5:00 A.M. and travel overland to Red Hook or Smith Bay. There they would meet a sloop that had left Charlotte Amalie with their baggage, which was loaded on board the night before. This sloop also carried ice and other cargo bound for St. John.

“An alternative plan for a visit to St. John would be to arrange for a rowboat to take passengers and their baggage across Pillsbury Sound to Cruz Bay.

“Upon arrival the tourists would wait in Cruz Bay for ponies that would take them to Bordeaux. They would return via a dirt path along the St. John’s north shore that is now the North Shore Road.

“At the end of the day the visitors would take the downwind trip back to Charlotte Amalie where they would arrive in the early evening.”

(From the Short Guide to St. Thomas and St. Jan, written by J.P. Jorgenson in 1907, a travel guide written in English, which was by then the language of the Virgin Islands.)

St. John Weather

Partly cloudy with rain showers
High of 79F
Breezy: Winds from the ENE at 15 to 20 mph
Chance of rain 40%
Water Temperature (Charlotte Amalie Harbor, St. Thomas): 82.9 degrees F
Sunset: 6:29 PM AST

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