Description of the Charlotte Amalie Harbor – 1701

Charlotte Amalie Harbor, St. Thomas USVI
Charlotte Amalie, seen from Hassel Island

Description of the Charlotte Amalie Harbor in 1701, written by the Dominican missionary Père Labat, also known as “the pirate priest.”

“Denmark, being almost neutral in the wars of Europe, the port of St. Thomas is open to all nations. During peace it serves as an entrepôt for the commerce, which the French, English, Spaniards and Dutch do not dare to pursue openly on their own islands; and in time of war it is the refuge of merchant ships when pursued by privateers. On the other hand, the privateers send their prizes here to be sold when they are not disposed to send them to a greater distance. Many small vessels also proceed from St. Thomas to the coast of South America, whence they bring back much riches in specie, or in bars and valuable merchandise, In a word, St. Thomas is a market of consequence.”

St. John and Virgin Islands News

Island Profile: Gary Emmons Keeps ReSource Depot on Track
By Lynda Lohr — May 4, 2014

With a job as manager and “chief cook and bottle washer” at Island Green Living Association’s ReSource Depot, St. John resident Gary “Buddha” Emmons found his niche.

The ReSource Depot is a place to drop off unwanted construction materials and household goods that include everything from toilets to brass bric-a-brac. For example, ReSource Depot has two containers filled with just windows.

“We get a little of any and everything,” Emmons said.

It’s also the spot where frugal folks go to buy what they need or want. The purpose is to keep items out of the V.I. Waste Management Authority’s Susannaberg Transfer Station.

He wants to get the word out to those who may not be in the know about this island treasure, which is located across Gifft Hill Road from the V.I. Waste Management Authority Transfer Station. Emmons said he’s bothered when he sees perfectly good items left at the island’s Dumpsters when they could find a new home with someone who’s looking to save a few dollars…

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